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McLean County:
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Hudson / Stuckey Rd - Road & Bridge Reconstruction
Hudson / Stuckey Rd & Schoening Bridge
Hudson Stuckey Rd - West view
West view just east of 1950 East Rd Intersection

County Highway 12, also known as the Hudson-Stuckey Road, was improved from the Towanda-Barnes Road (1900 East Road) to the Gridley Road (1950 East Road) during the summer of 2011.  Major improvements included the construction of a new bridge, vertical realignment of the roadway, and road widening.  Additional right-of-way had to be purchased to build this project to current design standards for the amount of traffic that is projected.

Hudson Stuckey Rd - East view
East view just east of 1900 East Rd Intersection

The ditches along the project were also widened and re-graded to improve the drainage during rain events and to collect blowing snow during the winter months.

Northeast view of Schoening Bridge

The existing bridge was built in 1961 and had 26 feet of roadway width.  The new bridge, named the Schoening Bridge, was constructed one foot higher than the old bridge and has 32 feet of roadway width, six feet wider than the bridge it replaced.

East view standing on Schoening Bridge

The roadway was built 24 feet wide, four feet wider than the existing road. The road was raised one foot to match the new bridge and over one foot was cut off the hills on both sides of the bridge to increase sight distance at the intersections at ends of the project.

East view from 1900 East Rd Intersection

The radii at both ends of the project were widened to accommodate semi truck turning paths.  This is to give the semi trucks enough room to turn on to and off of CH 12 with out encroaching on the opposing lane of traffic.