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McLean County:
115 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Dr. Kathleen Davis
Dr. Kathleen Davis

104 West Front Street
PO Box 2400
Bloomington, IL  61701

Ph: (309) 888-5210
Fx: (309) 888-5090

Business Hours
8:00 am-4:30 pm
Respond to deaths 24 hours/day including weekends and holidays
The primary responsibility of the McLean County Coroner’s Office is to investigate all sudden and unexpected deaths that occur within the County. Sudden and unexpected does not always mean violent and/or traumatic, but those deaths are also investigated. The Coroner and her staff have two specific duties when investigating a death; to determine cause of death (the medical reason why a person has died) and manner of death (the circumstances surrounding the death). Our daily tasks include but are not limited to responding to death scenes, collecting data, interacting with law enforcement personnel, identifying the decedent, notifying next of kin, scheduling autopsy exams, following up with physicians, preparing Coroner certificates of death and conducting inquests when necessary.

A secondary area of responsibility lies with the Coroner’s Office’s ability to provide morgue and autopsy services to those counties who do not have a facility or pathologist of their own. These services are provided for a fee and result in revenue being produced for McLean County.

Compassion, professionalism, public service and fiscal responsibility to the citizens of McLean County are priorities for the Coroner and her staff.

Fees Charged for Reports
State Mandated Fees for Commonly Requested Coroner's Documents

        Coroner's Permit to Cremate:  $50.00
        Autopsy Report:  $50.00
        Toxicology Report:  $25.00
        Coroner's Initial Report:  $25.00
        Autopsy and/or Scene Photo:  $3.00/photo
        Coroner Ruling/Manner of Death Determination:  $15.00
        Coroner's Inquest Transcript:  $5.00/page (if available)
        Miscellaneous Report:    $25.00