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Orders of Protection
How to Obtain an Order of Protection
An Order of Protection can be filed in a number of ways, including:
  • Through The Domestic Violence Advocacy - Ph: (309) 888-5521
  • Through an attorney
  • On ones own behalf

You must have one of the following relationships with the person you are seeking an Order of Protection against:
  • Spouses, or former spouses
  • Parents, children, stepchildren, and other persons related by blood or by present or prior marriage
  • Persons who share or formerly shared a common dwelling
  • Persons who have or allegedly have a child in common
  • Persons who share or allegedly share a blood relationship through a child
  • Persons who have or have had a dating or engagement relationship
  • Persons with disabilities and their personal assistants

Filing an Order of Protection
To file for an Order of Protection you must have the following information:
  • The address of the person you are filing the order against
  • Full legal name of the person you are filing the order against
  • Date of birth or Social Security Number (SSN) of the person you are filing the order against